About Us

Pinnacle Properties has been managing rental properties for over 40 years. We have grown from only managing privately owned individual properties to full and partial service for Association Management. Saving our clients money and working smarter has helped Pinnacle Properties grow to what it is today. Client satisfaction has earned us a solid reputation that we are very proud of.

Our Mission is to help you manage your investment with the ease and the satisfaction you deserve.

Our Business

We are privately owned and operated by a professional Real Estate Agent. We are affiliated with a Licensed Home Inspector as well as our Qualified Bookkeeping Staff to help you watch your dollars grow. We have proven ourselves as the Small Company With The Big Heart. We watch your pennies so you can watch your dollars grow by saving you money. We have regular inspections and preventative maintenance so that a small issue does not become a huge costly problem.


We each take personal responsibility to do the right thing when faced with the decisions, and we can be certain that the organization as a whole will do the same thing. This is the fundamental strength that allows us to take tough positions, push for change, do our jobs, and be proud that we are making a difference. It is a basic responsibility to ourselves, to the company, and to our customers.

Customer Focus

We wholeheartedly support our customers, both internal and external. They are the only reason we exist. We have a genuine desire to serve them well and to help solve their problems. We understand that our mastery of our jobs directly impacts customers’ well being. We demonstrate courtesy, concern, and competence in every interaction.


We strive to create and maintain a diverse workforce…culturally, racially, in gender, in age, in personality, in thought, and in all of the ways in which we differ. We recognize that our differences are our strengths, allowing us to find creative solutions when none may be apparent. Diversity makes Pinnacle Properties Management, as a whole, greater than it could ever be without it.


We are never satisfied with the status quo. Our market is complex and can be constraining, but we refuse to recognize this as a limitation. We have the courage to take risks and change the market space in which we operate. We are innovative, continually challenging ourselves to create better processes, and service.


We work together toward common goals. We willingly provide, ask for, and accept assistance and input from others to create the collaborative environment we need to get the job done right. We share our various talents to create the best service possible.


We abide by the age-old adage…’Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ We demonstrate genuine concern for the well-being of our customers and co-workers, treating everyone with respect and courtesy in our daily interactions.


We have fun in the work we do, without sacrificing service, allowing us to build bonds and support.

Services we Provide